RIW Smartcards and Virtual Cards


RIW smartcards

New RIW smartcards carry photo ID and a unique QR code linked to the worker, but are also embedded with a high capacity computer chip. The chip can be read by android phones using near field communication (NFC) as well as suitable card readers connected to a PC. This capability provides added security and protects the identity of the rail industry worker. It also enables offline swipes in remote areas – by reading worker data straight from the chip.

During the soft launch of the new system in the weeks before go-live, employers were busy ordering smartcards either through the bulk card request facility (available to a pre-notified group of the largest employers) or individually to each worker (all other employers). 

Employers who have not yet ordered physical or virtual cards should ensure that worker details are correct in the RIW system, as this will ensure smooth delivery of new cards across Australia. Worker details include personal email address, mobile number and home address. To see helpful guidelines, check out the Quick Guide titled How To Order RIW Cards.

Virtual cards

The new RIW system also has the capability for issuing virtual cards, which are carried electronically on the worker’s smartphone. Virtual cards are managed through Vircarda, a virtual wallet app, which the worker can download to their smartphone. To order a virtual card, the employer must choose the option on the worker’s profile when ordering the card. If this capability is enabled by the operator or employer, it will trigger an email and/or SMS to the worker with instructions for downloading the Vircarda virtual wallet app. Workers will be able to use their virtual card to start work immediately.

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