About RIW

The Rail Industry Worker Program (RIW) is a national competency management framework for rail workers across Australia.

About the RIW Program

The RIW Program is owned by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and is endorsed by all of its member organisations. The RIW Program also meets regulatory requirements and complies with Rail Safety National Law.

The RIW Program supports the rail industry by giving participant organisations full visibility of workers moving between projects and employers, maintaining a single electronic record about each worker’s health, education and competencies. This ensures that work is carried out by qualified people and enhances overall safety on rail networks across Australia.

The RIW Program moved from a previous service provider to new service provider Metro Trains Australia on 28 June 2019.

Benefits of the RIW Program

The RIW Program offers many benefits to the local rail industry in Australia:

  • National competency management system for rail workers
  • Strong focus on data protection, privacy and security
  • Smart device enabled system
  • Virtual as well as physical smartcards
  • The only portal used by the network operators
  • Aligns to network operator business rules and competency requirements
  • Competencies and medicals uploaded by approved assessing bodies
  • Provides employers real time ability to ensure people are fit for work
  • Ability to record a cardholder’s attendance and improved fatigue monitoring
  • Clear line of sight to frontline workers
  • Online ID checks with no need to visit Australia Post
  • Service desk available 24x7x365 to all RIW participants
  • myRIW feature gives card holders visibility of their online profile
  • Multiple online help tools, videos and quick guides for self-paced learning

RIW Registration

Follow these steps to register a new company in the RIW Program:

1. Complete the application form at https://app.riw.net.au/SkillSafe/CompanyRegistration. You will require a valid ABN to register, and you must provide company details such as address and a primary contact, who will be the person we contact regarding registration. You must also specify the size of your company, that is, how many workers you employ. This is your payment tier, which is used to calculate your annual company subscription. Once approved, the primary contact will be emailed with log in details. NOTE: If your company does not have a valid ABN (ie. the company resides in a country other than Australia), please contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682, as your company will need to be manually set up in the RIW system.

2. When the primary contact first logs into the system, the only available function is to pay the annual company subscription. Payment can be made with a credit card or PayPal. For larger companies, please contact [email protected] regarding a pay on account (POA) arrangement. Once payment is complete, full system functionality is granted to the company.

3. The primary contact may now add rail workers to the system. For instructions on how to do this, refer to the Quick Guide – New worker creation. Part of this includes undertaking the 100 Point ID check, which can be completed online.

4. Once the ID check is approved, you can request the RIW physical or virtual card for your worker. A virtual RIW card can be issued immediately (instructions are pushed to the workers phone or email) while the physical RIW card is printed and delivered by Australia Post. The company may elect to send the card to their company address, or to the workers home address.

5. You can now assign job roles and competencies to your worker, manage medical and drug and alcohol assessments, and manage worker medical restrictions.

6. Workers can now use their own individual worker portal called myRIW to manage their roles, competencies, update personal details and view any blocks or suspensions. This facility will assist the worker in taking ownership of their profile.

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