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Rhomberg Rail Australia is a leading rail engineering, construction and maintenance specialist. In an industry so heavily regulated, businesses like Rhomberg Rail Australia must stay on top of compliance to ensure the safety and security of its full workforce.

Rhomberg Rail Australia is involved in the Brisbane Cross River Rail Project and will install 10.2km of rail line from Dutton Park to Bowel Hills, including 5.9km of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and CBD. The rail construction giant recently reached its first major milestone with this project after installing 1,581 metres of rail inside one of the CRR Twin tunnels.

The story behind our client

With many projects on the go, Rhomberg Rail Australia captures its employees’ competency and fitness for duty requirements to maintain its reputation as a leading provider of specialist track construction services, providing a safe workplace for all employees.

Rhomberg’s challenge

Previously Rhomberg Rail Australia used multiple systems and spreadsheets to capture employee competencies, where notifications were missed and expired competencies were not always flagged for renewal. By manually entering data, rather than relying on system data, the workload was doubled and data accuracy was at risk of human error.

Why Rhomberg chose Rail Industry Worker

By using the RIW System, Rhomberg Rail Australia has now streamlined operational processes. The company identified the business advantage of a centralised competency management system.

RIW was the perfect solution to capture employee competencies and their currency for multiple streams while providing accurate alerts, expirations and up-to-date data. RIW also offers offline access for companies, a safety net on job sites that is essential.

How Rhomberg uses the Rail Industry Worker System

The rail construction giant has found the RIW System to be a core solution for competency management. With its easily accessible and fast-loading functions, the system acts as a hub for uploading Rail Industry Worker competencies, education, and health assessments. Rhomberg Rail Australia also uses the RIW System to manage fatigue and to monitor employees and contractors on and off-site.

Customising roles and creating structures

Rhomberg takes full advantage of the RIW System and creates competencies specific to their organisation to meet individual, project or site requirements. Having created their internal roles, uses the RIW System as a measure of professional development for their workforce, to provide employees with opportunities to move between roles and specialisations with career development and training. The construction giant has also used the RIW System to manage internal training and course requirements for their full workforce.

Rhomberg Rail has leveraged the RIW System to streamline administration processes by uploading internal onboarding forms and other documents as internal job roles. The RIW System is used daily and acts as a one-stop-shop to upload all documentation and keep on top of employee records electronically.

UGL Regional Linx is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UGL, a specialist end-to-end engineering and services provider. As of 30 January 2022, UGL Regional Linx assumed management of all operations and maintenance on the Country Regional Network in New South Wales.

The Country Regional Network comprises almost 2,400km of operational rail lines, more than 3,100km of non-operational lines and hundreds of bridges and stations. UGL Regional Linx provides a crucial link between rural, regional and metropolitan communities and businesses and has a significant workforce to operate and maintain the network.

The story behind our client

Entrusted with the operations and maintenance of the Country Regional Network, UGL Regional Linx maintains compliance for its workers’ safety and security, ensuring the safe movement of people and goods through the regions of NSW.

UGL Regional Linx’s overall scope of work includes:

  • Network operations, including the establishing of a new network control centre in regional NSW
  • Rail infrastructure maintenance
  • Asset and property management
  • Safety, access, performance, and environmental management.

UGL Regional Linx has a highly professional and skilled team and manages an enormous workforce with projects, operations and offices throughout NSW, maintaining its parent company’s reputation of expertise in the rail industry.

Why UGL RL uses RIW

Using the Rail Industry Worker System, UGL Regional Linx can easily access its entire workforce and keep up to date with contractors and compliance checks. The RIW System and its simple interface are easy to navigate and learn, allowing the company to monitor the movement of people in and out of projects and sites.

UGL Regional Linx can access information on employees’ or contractors’ fitness for duty, education and competencies even when they have previously worked on other projects, for other companies or in different states or territories.

Program benefits

The RIW System’s flexibility enables UGL Regional Linx to manage and maintain its highly skilled team across the network. With customisable features, UGL Regional Linx customises monthly reports efficiently to maintain a compliant workforce.

The RIW System is also advantageous from a communications perspective. UGL Regional Linx uses the company messaging functionality to communicate with their workforce, delivering network changes and safety notice updates to a cardholder’s virtual RIW card.

The Carmichael Rail Network (CRN) is a narrow gauge railway spanning approximately 200km. It connects Queensland’s Galilee Basin to existing rail infrastructure and the North Queensland Export Terminal, serving as Australia’s most northerly coal export port.

The Carmichael Rail Network links to Galilee Basin in central Queensland, located 200km west of the Bowen Basin, to the existing Goonyella rail system, situated 189km northeast near Moranbah. It was constructed as part of the Carmichael mine and rail project, with the Carmichael mine serving as the railway’s foundation user.

The story behind our client

As Carmichael Rail Network expanded its operations, the need for an effective solution for managing contractor competency and ensuring compliance became evident. Recognising the advantages of embracing digitalisation, data analytics and automated systems, the company aimed to enhance daily tasks, collaboration among stakeholders and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Why Carmichael Rail Network chose Rail Industry Worker

Carmichael Rail Network decided to join the RIW Program to establish a single source of truth for monitoring competency requirements of both its personnel and engaged contractors. By participating in the RIW Program, the company gained access to a platform that fostered networking and collaboration with other industry leaders in the rail sector.

How Carmichael Rail Network Uses the System

Carmichael Rail Network effectively utilizes the RIW System to manage compliance among its stakeholders. The system serves as a reliable source for tracking the currency of competencies and ensuring compliance of contractors. By leveraging the RIW System, the company ensures that on-site workers possess the necessary training and competency requirements.

The Results

Since implementing the RIW Program, Carmichael Rail Network has experienced a notable reduction in administrative workload and improved accessibility for associates working within the network. The introduction of a secure personnel document database has facilitated enhancements in contractor personnel role compliance, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient operation.

Overall, the adoption of the RIW Program has empowered Carmichael Rail Network to enhance competency management, compliance, and collaboration among stakeholders. Through digitalization and automation, the company has successfully embraced industry best practices, resulting in improved efficiency and streamlined operations.