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Use this search facility to find a local Authorised Health Professional (AHP). Note that some AHPs will take advantage of the direct upload capability, enabling them to speed up the process by loading medical results directly into the RIW system.

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AHP Scheme for the Rail Industry

The AHP Scheme provides a low maintenance and easily accessible directory of participating Authorised Health Professionals. Workers who require a medical assessment can search the RIW website for their closest participating AHP, who is empowered to conduct a medical examination that will be accepted by the participating RIW organisations.

The AHP Scheme is non-mandatory but has been created to provide national consistency and transferability across the rail industry by the Australasian Railway Association and Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB). It is the responsibility of the Network Operator to appoint and manage delegated Authorised Health Professionals and Chief Medical Officers.

Only those AHPs who have completed the RISSB training and assessment, as delivered by a recognised AHP trainer, will be displayed in the AHP list.

To become an RIW Program registered AHP, click here.

National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers

The National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers underpins the system for monitoring the health of rail safety workers in Australia. The national standard enables a consistent application of health standards across the rail industry.

Network Operators have a responsibility to minimise risks and protect the safety of the public, workers and the environment. Rail operators endorse selected doctors and health professionals to undertake medical assessments. All health assessments for rail safety workers are conducted in line with the current edition of the national standard.

The national standard was developed in consultation with industry, rail unions, rail safety regulators and health professionals to provide practical guidance for rail transport operators for managing the risks posed by the ill health of rail safety workers.

The National Transport Commission (NTC) reviews the national standard every three years. The 2017 Standard came into effect on 1 February 2017 and applies to all rail transport operators and to all rail safety workers in Australia.

AHP Training

The National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers provides guidance for rail transport operators to meet their legislative obligations in managing the risks posed by the ill-health of rail safety workers. That guidance includes the selection and management of the health professionals who carry out health assessments on behalf of those operators; referred to as Authorised Health Professionals (AHPs).

While the responsibility for selection and management of AHPs rests with the rail transport operators, a number of organisations are working together to establish a non-mandatory scheme to help embed the standard within the industry. The Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), with the support of a cross-industry group of Chief Medical Officers (CMOs), are supporting the standard as a consistent approach to managing the health of rail workers across Australia.

RISSB works with CMO’s to develop and maintain a set of training materials to ensure that AHPs are trained to the standard, while the ARA captures the details of trained AHPs within the RIW System. The training program is considered best practice by the consulted Chief Medical Officers, even though it does not represent an official unit of competency or lead to a formal qualification.

For more information email [email protected] or contact the RIW Program Service Desk on 1300 101 682.

If you would like to organise a training session, scroll down to see a list of contacts who can deliver training to the national standard for Category 1, 2 and 3 rail medicals.

Armand Casolin Sydney Trains NSW
Sydney 2000
[email protected]
02 8575 0495
Chris Walls KiwiRail NZ
Auckland 1351
[email protected]
+64 9 524 4137
Craig White Sonic HealthPlus Perth Airport WA
Perth Airport 6105
[email protected]
08 9230 0200
David Jones Sonic HealthPlus Brisbane CBD QLD
Brisbane 4000
[email protected]
07 3055 5971
Gina Campana V/Line Pty Ltd VIC
Melbourne 3000
[email protected]
03 9619 5010
Joel Silbert OSHGroup WA
Wembley 6913
[email protected]
08 6298 8400
June Sim Southbank Central WA
South Perth 6151
[email protected]
08 9367 2800
Keith Adam Sonic HealthPlus Brisbane CBD QLD
Brisbane 4000
[email protected]
1300 588 440
Maria Mazaheri Aurizon QLD
Brisbane 4000
[email protected]
07 3019 1818
Maureen McDonald Workforce Health Assessors TAS
Hobart 7000
[email protected]
0425 272 215
Stuart Turnbull Sonic HealthPlus Flagstaff VIC
Melbourne 3000
[email protected]
03 9224 8398
Thang Vuong Corporate Health Group Pty Ltd SA
Mile End 5031
[email protected]
08 8354 9800
Tim Drew Jobfit SA
Wayville 5034
[email protected]
08 8177 6800

AHP Registration Process

Authorised Health Professionals must meet specific selection criteria which focus on the health professional’s knowledge and understanding of the rail occupational environment. To register:

Step 1 – Talk with the relevant Rail Network Operator

Step 2 – Book in and attend training with one of the authorised Chief Medical Officer’s listed above

Step 3 – Supply your online training questionnaire to your AHP Trainer who will issue your RISSB certificate

Step 4 –Submit both the AHP certificate and signed Terms of Reference with your AHP registration request

Step 5 – MTA will update the approved AHP list

Partners of the AHP Scheme

Australasian Railway Association

The ARA is the peak body for rail in Australia and New Zealand, representing all sectors of the rail industry. The ARA owns the Rail Industry Worker Program (RIW), working with the program service provider Metro Trains Australia (MTA). The ARA oversees the national list of endorsed Authorised Health Professionals.

Rail Industry Safety Standards Board

The Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) works with industry to provide training materials to ensure that medical professionals are trained against the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers. RISSB will provide the medical professional with a certificate at the completion of training, which endorses them as an Authorised Health Professional.

Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) is an independent body corporate established under Rail Safety National Law. The primary objectives of ONRSR are to encourage and enforce safe railway operations and promote and improve national rail safety. ONRSR states that rail transport operators must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that workers must be of sufficient health and fitness to carry out work safely. ONRSR reminds industry that it is the responsibility of the rail transport operator to determine whether a health professional is qualified to conduct rail safety worker health assessments.

National Transport Committee

The NTC is an independent advisory body that provides quality, impartial advice and national land transport reform proposals to government through the Transport and Infrastructure Council. The NTC reviews the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers every three years.

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