RIW Business Rules

RIW Business Rules provide the minimum acceptance criteria for the verification of competence across program participants.

Business Rules

To ensure that the RIW Program is fit for purpose and guided by industry, a governance committee was established comprising rail operators, track owners and rail contractors. The National Rail Industry Worker Governance Committee (NRIWGC) includes safety managers, competency managers, training managers and other professionals working for accredited rail operators, infrastructure organisations and rail contractor representatives. The NRIWGC is responsible for driving continuous improvement of the RIW Program through developing and reviewing the National Role Matrices and National Business Rules. The National Role Matrices provide standardised roles to allow more access and portability for rail workers across the Australian rail network. Where a Rail Operator still requires specific network roles and competencies, these are developed internally by each Rail Operator and form part of their network role matrices. In addition, both Rail Operators and Contractor Representatives also have the responsibility to develop employer-based roles and competencies, listing the specific requirements to hold the relevant roles for their organisation.

Business Rules have been developed to provide further consistency and an agreed minimum acceptance criteria for the verification of competence across RIW program participants. These underlying business rules provide guidance to the RIW Program Service Desk.

You can visit here to view business rules.

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