Terms and Conditions

Legal Terms & Conditions

Your use of the RIW or myRIW System and participation in the RIW Program will be subject to the following legal terms and conditions:

Company Registration Terms & Conditions (together with the accompanying RIW Privacy Protocol) sets out the basis for rail operators and other organisations working in the rail industry may participate in the RIW Program.

RIW Privacy Protocol sets out the privacy requirements and standards applicable to the use of the RIW Program and RIW card.

RIW Privacy Policy sets out Metro Trains Australia’s policies on the management of personal information for the purposes of the RIW Program. The RIW Privacy Policy has been designed to comply with the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles made under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

System Access Rules are the software rules which are agreed by a RIW System User prior to system use. Additionally, further System Access Rules have been designed with additional instructions for the following RIW System user roles:

Permission Access Agreement (PAA) sets out the basis upon which individual Rail Industry Workers (RIWs) may apply for and use a RIW card.  The PAA also explains how information about RIWs is collected and used for the purposes of the RIW Program.  Each RIW will need to accept the terms of the PAA to activate a new RIW card.

Other – Some aspects of the RIW Program (such as identity verification or competency training services) may be delivered by a third party rather than by Metro Trains Australia, and may be subject to additional legal terms and conditions imposed by that third party. Where this is the case, we will clearly explain this and will ask you to review and accept the additional terms and conditions before proceeding.