Service Request

Service Request

Please choose a request category below:

If you are missing a worker in the new RIW system and the worker had an active subscription in the previous system at 28 June 2019, please lodge this service request to have the new worker added at no cost.

Firstly, create the missing worker in the new RIW system following the Quick Guide – New Worker Creation to step 11 (do not request an ID check). Ensure you upload a recent photograph of the worker. If a duplicate profile is found, please contact the RIW Service Desk. NOTE: The employment request must be accepted by the worker in myRIW before submitting the below service request.

Once submitted, the RIW Service Desk will perform a manual ID check, exempt the worker from the subscription fee for 12 months and order both a physical and virtual RIW card. The RIW Service Desk will send an emailing confirming that you can commence adding job roles and competencies for the worker.

Adding a new competency to a workers profile

Step 1 Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2 Click on the People tab or the Search For My People shortcut on the main dashboard.

Step 3 Enter worker details into the search field, or leave blank and click on search to bring up your entire workforce. Select the worker you wish to allocate a competency to by highlighting their name and clicking on the edit button.

Step 4 Click on the relevant competencies tab on the left hand side menu, and then type in the competency search field to find the competency to allocate.

Step 5 Once you select a competency, you must upload evidence if requested by the RIW system.

Step 6 When the competency has been added, the RIW verification team will confirm the evidence uploaded within 48 business hours. You also have the ability to Fast Track (within 8 business hours) the verification process for a small fee. To see the verification status, click on the link on your dashboard.

Please push the forgotten password button to reset your password if you are locked out or still experiencing issues please phone 1300 101 682 for assistance.

If you are a worker please ask your Primary employer to order you a card.

Step 1 Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2 Click on the People tab OR Search For My People shortcut on the main dashboard to locate the worker.

Step 3 Enter a search field or leave blank to bring up the entire workforce. Select the worker by highlighting their name and clicking on edit button.

Step 4 Firstly, you need to ensure worker details, such as their home address, personal email address and phone number are up to date, so the physical card can be sent or their virtual card issued to their email or phone via SMS. To do this, click on the Contact Details tab on the left-hand side menu and update details if required.

Step 5 Next, to request a card for the worker, select the Cards tab on the left-hand side menu. All the requirements for requesting a card should be flagged with a green tick. If any are missing, they will be flagged with a red cross and you will be unable to request the card until the requirements have been met in full.

Step 6 The card delivery address needs to be confirmed. There are two options here:

1. Delivery to the Employer

By default, the name of the logged in user automatically populates the Recipient field as shown in the screen above, however, the name of another administrator or person can be entered manually instead. Next, start to type the name of the relevant Delivery Address and select it from the options displayed:

Note: The Delivery Address can only be one of the Offices added as part of the Employer’s record – these can be viewed via the main My Account tab.

2. Delivery to the Worker

If the card should be delivered direct to the worker, tick the Deliver card to Worker? checkbox and the next screen will display the worker’s personal address where the card will be delivered

Note: if requesting card delivery to the worker’s address ensure this is correct and up to date.

For both delivery options, click the checkbox to confirm the worker’s photograph is less than 6 months old and click the Request Card button.

The card request will be passed electronically to the card issuing organisation and dispatched.

Step 7 You’ll be returned to the Cards tab. From here, a virtual card can now be requested for the worker. Click the Request Virtual Card button.

Step 8 On the next screen, select the appropriate delivery method – Send by Email or Send by SMS radio button:

Click Save and Send button and the instructions for registering the virtual card will be sent to the worker by the selected method.

Note: As an Employer Administrator you can review the card production status of all cards by selecting the Card Status button on the home screen.

Populate Form and then send to fresh desk: Name, phone number, email address, company name, RIW number date card ordered

Please contact the primary employer administrators and ask them to resend you a pin for the virtual card. You must have the Vircarda App installed on your device. For installation assistance and a guide on using Vircarda have clickable links to the quick guide.

Step 1 Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2 Click on the Reports tab

Step 3 On the Report Tables page, select the themes you require to generate your report by expanding the list by clicking on the + button and placing a check in the required fields. Note that you can choose more than one field. Click continue when you are ready to progress.

Step 4 The Report Filters page also allows you to filter results, apply logic and run time filters.

Step 5 Once the report has been generated, you can export it as a comma separated value (CSV) file, or save the report. Saving the report will also allow you to enable scheduling, so you can run the same report at set times and automatically e-mail it to recipients.