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RIW Communications Toolkit

The RIW Communications Toolkit has been designed to help the rail industry through transition to the new RIW Program service provider. The toolkit features a range of materials that can be downloaded by industry seeking to communicate the key benefits of the transition, new system functionality and the tasks involved in preparing for go-live on 28 June 2019 or phased transition for companies associated with the NSW Transport Cluster (Sydney Trains, NSW Trains, Sydney Metro, Transport for NSW).

RIW Presentation

This presentation contains an overview of the RIW transition to new service provider Metro Trains Australia (MTA), its partners, the new system and new smartcards. The presentation lists the benefits for industry, contains some high level system screenshots, describes features of the new smartcards and outlines the approach to launch of the new system on 28 June 2019.

RIW Checklists

These checklists briefly outlines the key tasks that should be performed by employers in the countdown to go-live on 28 June 2019 and phased transition (TfNSW).

Sample Newsletter Content

These newsletter templates provide a long and short version of a newsletter article for internal company publications. You’ll also find some images to help bring the story to life within your company.

Sample Email Content

These sample email updates can be used for internal staff communications and provide an overview of the transition to a new service provider, learning options for small employers and learning options for cardholders.

Sample Toolbox Talks

The sample toolbox talk covers an overview of the transition to the new smartcards and the new RIW system.

RIW Flyers

These simple flyers can be downloaded and used to raise awareness about the RIW transition. You’ll find flyers designed for:

RIW Posters

These posters can be downloaded and used for work sites and offices. The posters carry important messages about updating personal details, setting up your MyRIW account and using the new RIW Card. 

RIW Merchandise

This print ready version of a handy RIW promotional business card lists some of the support channels available such as web site, service desk and email. These cards can be printed locally by operators/employers seeking to raise awareness about the RIW transition. Meanwhile, network operators and large employers may choose to nominate a committed RIW Champion, who can raise awareness by requesting a specially designed high-vis vest with RIW branding. If you would like a high-vis vest for your champion just send their name, email address, postal address and vest size to [email protected]

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