RIW System Release Outage Notification for Thursday 16 September (1200-2400hrs AEST)




Rail Industry Worker (RIW) System Release Outage Notification

Message for Access Controllers, Spot Checkers & cardholders who self-swipe

The RIW Program is committed to continuous improvement, ensuring the RIW System is at the forefront of safety by providing a fit for purpose system to assist industry manage their workforce.


On Thursday 16 September 2021 the RIW System will undergo a mini software release with some exciting new features. You can read more about the release on our System Updates page.

Scheduled Service Interruption




Thursday 16 September 2021, 12:00 hrs AEST (midday)


Thursday 16 September 2021, 24:00 hrs AEST (midnight)

What services will be affected?

The following services will be unavailable during the outage window:

  • RIW System
  • myRIW System
  • RIW Mobile App (accessible in offline mode).
  • Web Card Reader
  • Veritas ID Check Platform
  • Kiosks & Tablets (will be turned to site closed mode between 12:00 and 24:00 hrs AEST). NOTE: For sites with turnstiles, these must be powered OFF for the duration of the service interruption to allow the passage of workers in/out of the site.

During the interruption, the RIW Service Desk will be unavailable for calls. Queries and service requests can still be sent through to the RIW Service Desk on, which will be addressed once system functionality is returned the following day.


How can you prepare for the outage?

Please contact your Employer or Contractor In Charge to discuss their plans for managing the service interruption, which may include alternative methods for swiping workers into site. All RIW System Users have been advised about the interruption and to plan appropriately, such as knowing who will be on site during the outage and making available RIW System reports that can assist in verifying competencies and/or job roles for cardholders.

For RIW App users, which includes Access Controllers, Spot Checkers and cardholders who self-swipe, please note that during the service interruption the RIW App will operate in offline mode only. To read more about this, please refer to our RIW Knowledge Centre article Using the RIW App during RIW System service interruptions or when offline.


All swipe data captured during the service interruption will be synchronised back to the RIW System once services resume.

Vircarda update to improve QR code readability


The Vircarda App, which stores a cardholders’ virtual RIW card, has also been updated to allow a QR code to be scaled up or down (using the "+" or "-" buttons) for improved readability by Kiosks and other card readers. Also, screen brightness has been set to 100% when launching the App, improving low light readability.


The new Vircarda App is available for download now.