Newsletter 5

Employer Administrator Update #5

The RIW system was recently updated in line with ongoing feedback from users across Australia. New functionality has been introduced to help Employer Administrators, together with several background upgrades to further improve the overall performance of the system. See below for a summary of the key improvements to the RIW system.

RIW Card Delivery Address

RIW card holder profiles now display the card delivery address in the cards menu on the left hand side of a worker profile.  Employer Administrators can also run a custom report to identify the card delivery address for their workers by clicking on People in the Report Tables page, then choosing the card delivery address field.
Employment Requests

When a new worker is created in the RIW System, an employment request is sent to the worker via email.  In some cases, the request might be sent to the wrong email address or the worker may advise they had not received it. Previously, Employer Administrators had to contact the RIW Service Desk to have the request resent.  Now, Employer Administrators can correct worker contact details and resend the employment request from the Employment Approvals icon found on the home screen.
Award missing competencies directly from the job roles screen

Employer Administrators can now award a missing competency directly from the job roles screen.  When a job role is added to a workers profile, a list of competencies required to meet the job role requirements will be listed under the Missing or Invalid Competencies section on the job roles screen. Clicking on the missing competency name will take you directly to the Award Competency screen, which will be pre-populated with competency details.  The Employer Administrator can then amend the award date and select the file for upload. This will reduce risk of uploading the wrong competency while we work on cleansing legacy duplicate competencies.  For more information, consult the updated Quick Guide – Adding a Competency to a Worker’s Profile

Note: we are currently experiencing some issues with this feature in Internet Explorer. Try using Firefox or Google Chrome if you are having problems.
Updated RIW and Vircarda Apps

We have deployed updates to the RIW and Vircarda apps to improve system performance. Please ensure you have the most recent version installed on your device from Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Thank you to everyone who has provided valuable feedback since the launch of the new system. For a full list of RIW system updates visit the RIW website. If you have further feedback and ideas for improvement, please contact us on
To access more information about the RIW Program, including a comprehensive list of FAQs, visit