Access Controller & Spot Checker Update

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program is committed to continuously improving the RIW system and associated apps. A new system release will deliver a range of improvements from 15 January 2020…

The RIW Program is preparing a new system release to improve functionality and features. The release will result in a small outage while the software is being updated. The outage is scheduled for 2200hrs on Tuesday 14 January 2020 and is estimated to last two hours. The system is expected to return to full functionality at midnight, ready for use on 15 January 2020
It is anticipated that this outage may impact shift work being managed by Access Controllers / Spot Checkers who attempt to swipe workers in/out from site during this time.

The RIW App has the ability to access the mobile device cache or smartcard chip to retrieve information on cardholders who have previously swiped into the site.  However, it must be noted that:
  • The cardholder profile displayed will not be live data.
  • For smart devices using Near Field Communication (NFC), such as Android phones or PC card readers, the data displayed will be extracted from the RIW card’s smart chip, as per the last time the RIW card was swiped. This will work even if the cardholder has not been swiped into the smart device previously, as the smart device reads the last swiped data from the RIW card’s smart chip.
  • For smart devices using QR codes, such as iPhones or non-NFC enabled Android phones, the data displayed will be as per the last swipe history retrieved from the cache on the mobile device.If the cardholder has not been swiped onto the particular smart device previously, then unfortunately their profile will not be available to view during the outage window.
The smart device will maintain records of any swipes that occur during this outage and will refresh swipe information back to the RIW system once the system outage is complete.

Please consider any workarounds you may need to put in place for accessing any cardholder details, particularly new workers to site that may be affected during this outage.  You may wish to contact your RIW Employer Administrator to discuss any workarounds, and whether any reports may be made accessible to assist Access Controllers if required.


Please refer to the System Updates page on the RIW website for the full list of improvements and fixes made during this release. 

It is important that all Access Controllers and Spot Checkers update their RIW App to the newest version after the release, especially if they are required to award site-based competencies to cardholders. If you have not enabled your smart device to automatically download App updates, then you can download the most recent version by checking out the Download Apps page on the RIW website for more information.  We’ll also email you again with the direct links to the updated Apps when available.

The suite of Quick Guides for Access Controllers and Spot Checkers which detail changes made to the RIW App will also be updated and available from 15 January 2020. You can find all the Quick Guides on the RIW website here.


With the RIW System Release comes an exciting new feature, the Web Card Reader. This allows an Access Controller to login and swipe RIW cardholders and visitor passes, select and award competencies (including pending competencies) and perform spot checks using a web-based reader/browser. The Web Card Reader can be used from a laptop/PC, or from any internet-enabled smart device where an RIW App is not installed or unable to be used.

The QR code on RIW cards and visitor passes can be read using a web cam or QR gun (QR gun support is limited to compatible devices, including Windows PCs and Mac OS). Forgotten Card functionality is also available to swipe workers in and out. NOTE: Near Field Communication (NFC) is not supported to read RIW cards when using the Web Card Reader.

The Web Card Reader automatically adjusts to fit small (mobile phone) and large (PC and tablet) screen sizes. The resizing makes best use of available screen resolution by moving buttons, pop-up menus, displaying tabs and adjusting screen content.

The Web Card Reader runs in a browser, and can be accessed via a link from the main RIW portal at

For more information about this new feature, please refer to the Quick Guide – Web Card Reader available on the RIW website.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all RIW users who contributed to the update of the RIW software, RIW App and Vircarda App. We always welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement. If you have a great idea that you’d like us to know about, please email

Also, should you experience any issues with the RIW App, please contact the RIW Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or email