Newsletter 18

Employer Administrator Update #18

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program is committed to continuously improving the RIW system and associated apps. A system release is scheduled for 15 January 2020, which will deliver a range of improvements, including a number of new user profiles. Let’s take a closer look…

The RIW system release scheduled for 15 January 2020 includes a number of new system improvements. In response to industry need, we have developed some new user profiles that give users varying permissions to undertake key tasks relevant to their role. Below is a brief description of all user permissions and their high level capabilities.
  • Employer Administrators have full access rights to a company’s functionality to manage and monitor primary cardholder RIW profiles.
  • *NEW* Employer Administrator No Payment provides full edit rights to the company’s functionality and primary cardholder RIW profiles, however this user cannot process payments.
  •  *NEW* Employer Administrator Read Only provides read only access to the company’s functionality and primary cardholder RIW profiles. This user is unable to create or edit RIW cardholder profiles or process payments.
  • Network Operators have access to manage and award projects, as well as place/lift blocks and suspensions.
  • *NEW* Network Operator Read Only allows read only functionality, so this user cannot place/lift blocks or award projects.
  • Project Administrators assist with the administration requirements of setting up and maintaining a project including its sites and zones.
  • *NEW* Advanced Project Administrators assist with the administration requirements of setting up and maintaining a company’s workforce when they are managing a project, including its sites and zones. This user can onboard cardholders as well as manage RIW cardholder profiles on a project level. This permission is only awarded by Premium Functionality Employers.
  • Site Administrators are appointed to assist with the administration requirements of a site within a project.
  • Assessors perform assessments on assessable job role(s) for RIW cardholders. 
  • Registered Training Organisations can award competencies to RIW cardholders.  
  • Authorised Health Professionals can upload rail safety worker medicals directly to RIW cardholders.
The new user permissions will be active and available to assign in the RIW system on 15 January 2020. Please follow the instructions in the Quick Guide – Adding and deleting RIW system administrator users to assign new users as required.

To find out what user permission you currently hold, log into the RIW system and the top right hand corner of the screen will detail your permission.

For a more in-depth look at the permissions available for each user role, please consult the RIW User Role Permissions Matrix available on the RIW website.

Please join the MTA Team for an overview of the RIW System update release.  We’ll walk through some of the new features and fixes. At the end of the session, we’ll be available to answer questions. The sessions will be hosted online through Zoom.  To register your interest, please click on your preferred session below and meeting instructions will be sent to you.

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