Newsletter 16

Employer Administrator Update #16

The NSW Transport Cluster including Sydney Trains, NSW Trains, Transport for NSW, Sydney Metro and the former Roads and Maritime Services is supporting the transition roll-out of the national Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program, a competency management system. The Transport Cluster will complete their transition from the previous provider, Pegasus Safety & Training, to the new service provider and system managed by Metro Trains Australia (MTA) on 13 December 2019. To help ensure a smooth transition, please take note of the following key points…

  1. If you only work on the Sydney Metro Central Station Mainworks or the Sydney Siding and Junction Project, then you will not be required to transition to the new RIW cards and should continue to carry your existing card (the orange card).
  2. If you work on Sydney Metro Central Station Mainworks or the Sydney Siding and Junction Project and another site transitioning to the new MTA system, you will need to maintain both cards to be compliant with the requirements of each site.
All other sites must transition to the new RIW Program service provider and RIW cards by 13 December 2019.
No further data migration will occur. If you have;
  • Updated worker details or competencies in the Pegasus RSW System since 28 June 2019, then you will need to check your information to make sure it is accurate. Go to to log in and check.
  • Registered a new rail industry worker since 28 June 2019, then the worker will probably not exist in the new RIW system. Go to to register new RIW cardholders. Please follow the instructions in the Quick Guide – New worker creation.
Please compare and verify your worker profiles in both systems to ensure any changes since 28 June 2019 have been added to the new system; this includes job roles, competencies, medical assessments and contact information.

To add job roles and competencies to one or multiple workers refer to: You can also watch videos on adding a job role or competency

There is a 48-hour timeframe for competency verifications when you upload evidence to a worker’s profile. If required, you can fast track the verification for one or up to 20 competencies for an individual worker for $55+GST. Fast track competencies will be verified in 8 business hours. Instructions on how to do this are included in the Quick Guide.

To upload a new medical, please fill in an Upload Medical Certificate Service Request on the RIW website. Medicals will be verified within 2 business days, alternatively, if you need to fast track this process, then fill in the Fast Track Medical Service Request ($55+GST), which means the medical is processed within 8 business hours.
If you are missing a worker in the new RIW system and the worker had an active subscription in the previous Onsite TrackEasy system at 28 June 2019, you can now lodge a service request to have the new worker added at no cost.For each worker that this has occured, follow the steps below.

STEP 1 – Create the missing worker in the new RIW system following the Quick Guide – New Worker Creation to step 11 (do not request the ID check). Ensure you upload a recent photograph of the worker. If a duplicate profile is found please contact the RIW Service Desk.  Note: The employment request must be accepted by the worker in myRIW before proceeding to Step 2.

STEP 2 – Submit a Missing Worker From Transition Service Request, ensuring you upload evidence of a recent subscription payment and a copy of the worker’s current driver’s licence or passport.

STEP 3 – The RIW Service Desk will perform a manual ID check, exempt the worker from the subscription fee for 12 months and order both a physical and virtual card. The RIW Service Desk will send an email confirming that you can commence adding job roles and competencies for the worker.

NOTE: If you are missing a worker in the new RIW system, but the worker was inactive in the previous Onsite TrackEasy system at 28 June 2019, you will need to re-register them as a new worker, paying the full new worker cost of $100+GST.
Employers can order physical and virtual cards using the RIW system. Check out the Quick Guide – How to order RIW cards.

Note: Virtual cards can be downloaded immediately to a smart device while waiting for the physical RIW card to be delivered.  Virtual cards are accepted on all participating rail networks across Australia.
For more information about the TfNSW transition, please visit the RIW website at

If you have a email address then you can also find more information at: Companies who work in the NSW Transport Cluster can access a range of tools to assist them through transition. The RIW Communications Toolkit features materials that can be downloaded to help you inform others about the changes; this includes communicating the key benefits of the transition, new system functionality and the tasks involved in preparing for transition. Our System Training and Support page includes system video walkthroughs, how-to videos and Quick Guides for self-paced learning at a time suitable to you.

The Transport Cluster has the following transition team leads that can be contacted if you have any further questions: