TfNSW Transition Update

TfNSW signs contract with RIW provider Metro Trains Australia

30 September 2019

As previously communicated, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is transitioning its Rail Industry Worker (RIW) program from the Pegasus card to a system delivered by Metro Trains Australia (MTA).

This week, TfNSW and MTA finalised and executed the contract. This will be effective from 1 October 2019. TfNSW managers and Principal Contractors will work together to organise the details of the roll out, which will take place on a site by site basis. All sites will transition to the new system by 13 December 2019.

Please note: If you only work at, or on, the Sydney Metro Central Station Mainworks or the Sydney Siding and Junction Project you are not required to transition to the new RIW system. 

During the transition period, TfNSW managers, employees and contractors working on behalf of TfNSW must always ensure they know the Principal Contractor’s access requirements before trying to access a site (i.e. whether the site is using the Pegasus card or has transferred to the RIW system). If you are unable to access this information, you should carry both your Pegasus card and your RIW card until the end of 2019.  

What this means for RIW cardholders? 

  • Your operating agency, employer or Principal Contractor will notify you when the transition date for your project has been confirmed.
  • Continue using your Pegasus card until notified by your Principal Contractor.
  • Ensure you have been issued with a RIW card—if you don’t have a RIW card, speak to your employer.

What this means for managers within the TfNSW cluster:

  • You are responsible for working closely with Principal Contractors to organise roll out details.
  • You need to liaise with RIW support teams to ensure a successful implementation.

What this means for Principal Contractors:

In the lead up to the migration start date, Principal Contractors will need to:

  • Conduct readiness checks, including ensuring all staff have a RIW card.
  • Provide a transition plan to TfNSW for projects that will run for more than three months from 1 October 2019.
  • Ensure that any workers who require site access for projects you are responsible for, understand the requirements of access to the site (i.e. whether the site has transitioned to RIW cards or is still using the Pegasus card).
  • Identify any potential risks and develop mitigation strategies—for example, risks might include inaccurate record data for cardholders, new staff members not having a RIW card, problems arising if key operating staff can’t access a site, etc.
  • Update your TfNSW Project Manager on your readiness for the transition.

Relevant communications and alerts

Further questions?

Please visit the TfNSW Transition FAQs.