TfNSW Transition Update

TfNSW Transition Update

Friday 12 July

RIW transition from the current service provider, Pegasus, to the new service provider, Metro Trains Australia (MTA) will now be executed in a phased approach commencing 1 August, 2019.  

Good progress has been made between Sydney Trains, NSW Trains, Sydney Metro, Transport for NSW (Transport Cluster) and MTA in defining the transition to new RIW system for implementation within the Transport Cluster.

The phased implementation will allow all cardholders, service providers and employers the opportunity to prepare for the transition and familiarise themselves with the functionality and the new features of the MTA system prior to us switching off the Pegasus system.  

What does this mean for me? 

  • The transition will be phased into programs over the following months on a site by site basis, beginning 1 August 2019. TfNSW will be working with employers and network operators to agree actual dates and transitions to ensure a smooth transition at each of the locations across the Transport Cluster.
  • From 1 August 2019, delivery partners will be required to be subscribed to the MTA system and issue every RIW cardholder with a new card ready for use. Please discuss the specifics of your work with your Principal’s Representative.
  • Managers within the Transport Cluster will need to liaise with RIW support teams to ensure a successful implementation. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Tucker on [email protected], who is Project Manager, Safety Environment Risk, Sydney Trains.
  • Employees must continue to use their current RIW Pegasus card until instructed otherwise.
  • TfNSW will also send progress and updates via direct communication.