Newsletter 23

Employer Administrator Update #23

A cardholders participation in the Rail Industry Worker program is governed by the Permission Access Agreement (PAA). The PAA contains important details about how the RIW program works, including how information about a cardholder may be collected, used, disclosed and destructed for the purposes of the RIW program, as well as their responsibilities as a participant in the RIW program. 

By using an RIW card, a cardholder will be deemed to have agreed to the PAA for the RIW program as described above, and otherwise in accordance with the RIW Privacy Policy. A cardholder will also be prompted to confirm their agreement to the PAA and the RIW Privacy Policy when they register their RIW card on the myRIW system.

If a cardholder fails to use or register their RIW card, then their card may be deactivated. If a cardholder refuses to accept the PAA, their RIW profile will be deleted.

How can Employers check who has agreed to the PAA?
Employers can check the status of PAA acceptance for their primary employees by running a new report titled Permission Access Agreement Report for Employer Admin.  The report can be accessed by clicking on the Reports tab > Existing Reports > Permission Access Agreement Report for Employer Admin.

This report provides a list of all primary cardholders employed by the company and their PAA status, which will be Approved or Not Approved. It also includes the cardholders email address, which Employer Administrators can use to contact cardholders to remind them to accept the PAA in myRIW by following the instructions in the Quick Guide – How to accept the Permission Access Agreement.


What is myRIW?

myRIW allows a cardholder to manage their RIW profile on the web.  In myRIW cardholders can view their employers, associations, job roles, competencies and medical results. They can also update their personal details or ask their employer to make corrections to their profile. Cardholders can use myRIW to accept employment or association requests, and also provide their consent to the Permission Access Agreement.

Newly created cardholders in the RIW system will receive an email invitation to create a myRIW profile when accepting an employment request. If their profile was migrated from the previous system, cardholders can create a new myRIW profile at any time. We have developed a short video and Quick Guide to help them.

Access myRIW here