Newsletter 8

Employer Administrator Update #8

The Rail Industry Worker Program (RIW) manages job roles for rail industry workers. We thought a timely refresher might be helpful for RIW employer administrators, so let’s clarify some of the key points…

What is a job role?

A job role is a particular task or set of actions that a worker has the competence and compliance to perform. If a worker does not have the required job role, they may not be permitted to work on a site in that capacity. Job roles can be categorised as employer, national or network based.
  • National – a job role that is nationally recognised, such as Around the Track Personnel.
  • Network – a job role that is specific to a network, such as MTM- Handsignaller, ARTC – Track Force Protection Coordinator or V/Line – Operator.
  • Employer – a job role that is specific to a Premium Functionality Employer. Employer-based job roles can only be created and assigned by Employers with Premium Functionality.
To fulfill the requirements of a job role, a worker must be able to demonstrate they hold the correct competencies, requirements (such as a medical), or that the job role requires assessment by an approved assessor.  

To find a worker who might be suitable to undertake a particular job role, view the video
or consult the Quick Guide – How to find a worker suitable for a job role. This search allows you to interrogate your workforce, allowing you to enter a competency gap so you can search for workers who would require the least amount of upskilling to fulfill a job role.
How do you know what job roles are required to access a site?

The job role or roles required to enter and work on sites will depend on the Network a worker is accessing and also the requirements of the Contractor in Charge of the project. To find out what roles are required, please contact the relevant Network Operator or Contractor in Charge. You can find a list of Contractors in Charge on the projects page on the RIW website.
How do you add a new job role to a worker’s profile?

To add a new job role to a worker’s profile, please follow the instructions in the Quick Guide – Adding a new job role to a worker’s profile, or check out our short video on Assigning / Suspending Job Roles.  Once a job role has been added, you can now award missing competencies directly from the job roles screen. The recently updated Quick Guide – Adding a new competency to a worker’s profile details this new functionality.

Some job roles require assessment by a qualified assessor prior to being approved in the RIW system.  The Quick Guide – Submitting a job role for assessment details the process for sending the request to an assessor.  

Once received, the Assessor can consult the Quick Guide – How to manage job role assessments.

At all stages of the process, Employer Administrators and Assessors will be able to see the status of pending job roles sent for assessment on their RIW homepage dashboards.  Employer Administrators can monitor pending, approved and rejected job role assessments, and view assessment notes if required.
Reminder: Rail Industry Worker System Online Training

MTA are holding a number of online training webinars to assist Employer Administrators with understanding the key functions of the new RIW system.  Please register your interest to attend a session here.

Thursday 10 October 2019, 12 noon AEST
Ordering cards, reporting, blocks and suspensions, the RIW and Vircarda App, Q&A.

Thursday 17 October 2019, 12 noon AEST
Adding job roles and competencies, verification process, uploading evidence, Q&A.

Thursday 24 October 2019, 12 noon AEST
Creation of projects and sites, setting up sites, scheduling site based competencies, visitor passes, e-learning, work restrictions, Q&A.
To find out more information about the Rail Industry Worker Program visit