Newsletter 17

Employer Administrator Update #17

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program is committed to continuously improving the RIW system and associated apps. A system release is coming up on 15 January 2020, which will deliver a range of improvements. Let’s briefly discuss these improvements and how you can learn more about the upcoming changes…

The RIW System update release scheduled for 15 January 2020 includes 29 system improvements/new features and 4 bug fixes. Over the coming weeks we’ll discuss some of these improvements in more detail, however, below are some of the key changes:
New user profiles
  • New user profiles will be available including Network Operator Read Only, Employer Administrator Read Only, Employer Administration No Payment and Advanced Project Administrator.
Employer Administrator Functions
  • Employer Administrators can now push multiple cardholder subscription renewals from the Expiries tab to the Shopping Basket (this will benefit larger companies handling a high volume of subscriptions, as previously they had to be added one by one).
  • The system will prevent duplicate profiles from being generated by cross-referencing the name and date of birth of new cardholders, with any data matches prompting the Employer Administrator to contact the RIW Service Desk.
  • When exporting large custom reports, the RIW system will now process the request and send an email with a download link once the report is ready to view.
  • Cardholder subscription emails will now be sent to all Employer Administrators.
  • Veritas ID check URL will now be available on the cardholder’s profile, enabling Employer Administrators to share the link with cardholders if the request email is lost.
Competency Management
  • Employer Administrators will now have the ability to search for competencies by code and name, which should reduce the instance of the wrong competencies being assigned.  Also, in the case of missing competencies, users will have the ability to award competencies from the job role screen using Internet Explorer.
  • All competencies can now be flagged as requiring assessment, and can be configured for awarding via the RIW App if required.
  • National and Network competencies can be awarded to secondary and associated cardholders.
  • RTO’s can now directly award Network and Employer specific competencies (if added to their scope by a Premium Functionality Employer).
  • Assessors will be able to amend competency award dates.
Job Role Management
  • Employer Administrators will no longer be able to submit job roles for assessment if the job role is invalid.
  • Employer Administrators will now have oversight of an Assessors notes recorded against a cardholder, plus they can now also cancel assessment requests.
  • Job role competencies are now reportable in custom reports.
Project Administration
  • Swiped in cardholders will now be visible to Employer Administrators of the Contractor in Charge of a Project.
  • Employer Administrators and Advanced Project Administrators can resubmit association requests.
  • Advanced Project Administrators can now add cardholders to Project Crews in advance.
  • Inactive projects and sites are now visible via custom reporting.
  • Project and site administrators can now export swipe information.
Other items
  • Cardholders can now hold multiple valid medical assessment categories at the one time, while a logic change has been applied to manage the category 3 medical expiries for TfNSW job roles.
  • Web Card Reader is a new feature for Access Controllers or Spot Checkers, enabling card checking capability via laptops or smart devices when the RIW App or PC Card Reader is not available.
  • The annual subscription expiry date is now available to cardholders on the Vircarda app.
There are a number of other system updates which increase the performance of the system, even though they will not be immediately visible to Employer Administrators.

Please join the MTA Team for an overview of the RIW System update release.  We’ll walk through some of the new features and fixes. At the end of the session, we’ll be available to answer questions. The sessions will be hosted online through Zoom.  To register your interest, please click on your preferred session below and meeting instructions will be sent to you.

General Information Sessions + Q&A

Premium Functionality Employer Information Sessions + Q&A

In February 2020 ARTC will be implementing its new work on track app – eTAP. This new app will be the preferred method for Protection Officers requiring Track Occupancy Authorities, Look Out Working or Work In Corridor access in ARTC’s NSW RVDS territories.

Training in eTAP will be required before a Protection Officer can use the app. Please refer to the training schedule for dates and locations. Alternatively, an online training module will be made available in March 2020. Please note the training, either on location or by online module, is free of charge.

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