Newsletter 3

Employer Administrator Update #3

The Rail Industry Worker Program (RIW) provides a national competency framework for rail workers across Australia. The program is owned by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and powered by new service provider Metro Trains Australia (MTA).


MTA can report that additional data into the new RIW system has reduced the volume of missing workers, job roles, competencies and medical certificates in the system.  However, data migration is still not complete due to data residing in sites and realms other than the RIW realm within Pegasus’ Onsite system.

For organisations who have made arrangements with Pegasus, including Broadspectrum, John Holland Group, Lendlease and Transport for NSW, your data will be available in the new system in the coming weeks.

If your company had a non-RIW realm or site, the data can be requested from Pegasus directly and a separate migration arranged. If you require further information about this, please contact and a member of the MTA Team will be in contact.


A number of Network Operator workarounds are still in place to ensure business continuity over the short term while we work through the missing data.


If your company has a missing worker who needs to demonstrate competency within the next few weeks, please follow the steps below.

STEP 1 – Create the missing worker in the new RIW system including uploading the worker ID photo by following the instructions in the Quick Guide – New Worker Creation to step 11 (do not request an ID check). IMPORTANT! Please check for duplicates to ensure the worker is in fact missing from the system.

STEP 2 – Email the RIW Service Desk at with the subject: Missing Worker Creation – WORKER NAME (RIW number).  In your email you must include:

  • Proof that the worker had an active profile in the previous system, such as a receipt for their most recent subscription.
  • An identification document for the worker, such as a drivers licence or passport.
  • The address where you would like the new physical RIW card to be sent.
  • Whether you would like a virtual RIW card issued to the worker.
STEP 3 – Once the profile has been approved, the RIW Service Desk will email you notification that you can commence adding job roles and competencies for the missing worker.

NOTE: If you have a missing profile, but are currently an inactive worker in the Pegasus system, you will need to re-register as a new worker (i.e. pay for a new worker subscription and ID check).


Missing job roles or competencies for employees can be uploaded following the instructions in the Quick Guide – Adding a new competency to a worker’s profile and Quick Guide – Adding a new job role to a worker’s profile.

When competency evidence has been uploaded, the RIW Verifications Team will confirm the evidence within 2 business days.  Employers also have the ability to fast track the verification within 8 business hours for a small fee if the competency is required for the worker to attend site.

Don’t forget that you can also find helpful videos and quick guides online, including a comprehensive list of FAQs.  If you cannot find the information you need on our website, you can contact our 24/7 Service Desk on or 1300 101 682.