Network Operator Workarounds

Network Operator Workarounds: Missing Job Roles

What if I find there are missing job roles in the RIW system? The missing data may not have been migrated across from the Pegasus system. Network Operators have specific workarounds in place to ensure business continuity over the short term while a solution is developed. If you find there are missing job roles in the RIW system, follow the relevant workaround… 


ARTC requires all contractors to have their new MTA RIW card. However, Onsite Track Easy, along with an ARTC App has been made available to ARTC temporarily to cross check any gaps and continue validation. After 30 September 2019, access to sites or ARTC projects may not be granted if contractors are unable to comply with the new card.

Metro Trains Melbourne

Please refer to the MTM Rail Industry Worker Bulletin RIW-BUL-06-019 for information about current workarounds regarding missing worker profiles, job roles and competencies.

Authority to work letters can be organised by emailing [email protected].

Queensland Rail

The requirement for contractors to transition to the new RIW system effective from 28 June 2019. If a record of contractor role compliance is missing in the new RIW System and must be checked prior to allowing the contractor to access the rail corridor or worksite, Queensland Rail employees should perform a compliance check against these records via the internal team which has access to these records.


To support transition, the following workarounds are in place to verify competence and support works on the V/Line network:

  • If you are working on the Ballarat Line Upgrade or Western Program Alliance, contact the Contractor in Charge of that worksite
  • If you are working elsewhere on the V/Line network, seek the assistance of V/Line staff who are out in the field supporting competence verification where required.

Public Transport Authority of Western Australia

PTA has an internal checking process managed by key PTA staff at the point of work commencing. Should issues arise in the RIW system, this checking process is designed to verify safeworking accreditation prior to undertaking work on the PTA network for both PTA employees and contractors. The PTA can be contacted Monday-Friday 7.30AM-5.00PM Perth time on 08 9326 2861 or via email at [email protected]

DPTI South Australia

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is a participant of the RIW Program. DPTI accepts and endorses new RIW cards (virtual or physical). To support the transition to the new RIW provider, DPTI will acknowledge and permit access to workers who present either the MTA RIW card (virtual or physical) or the Pegasus RIW card until 31/07/2019.  Should roles and competencies not be able to be verified at the worksite, please contact[email protected] for assistance. If you know of any upcoming work and require assistance with confirming competence and RIW currency, then also contact [email protected]