Changes coming to ARTC eTAP app





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IMPORTANT – Changes Coming to ARTC eTAP app


Over the next 9 months ARTC is developing a range of enhancements to the eTAP app.  These enhancements will be introduced across three separate phases, currently scheduled for September 21, January 22 and April 22.


The changes associated with Phase 1 are planned to be released in early September this year. These changes include:

  • The ability for a Protection Officer to change their eTAP Log In password in-app.
  • Rewording the TOA Fulfilment Assurance Question relating to Line Speed Operations.
  • Introducing a “Blocks Applied with Network Control” confirmation step when accepting a TOA (in accordance with the requirements of ARTC Network Procedure ANPR 701).
  • Updating the TOA Voice Fulfilment pop up window to be visually different from the TOA Electronic Fulfilment pop up window.
  • Removing the auto-population of the WIC Finish time.
  • eTAP Support Contact Details included on Log In Screen.

ARTC will be issuing a detailed briefing document to all Protection Officers from 23 August. This document will contain all the details of the changes as well as final details regarding:

  • The date the changes will take effect, and
  • Instructions regarding how to update the eTAP app.


If you have any queries please email ARTC at