New ARTC Pre-Work Breif & Worksite Protection Plan Documentation









As part of ARTC’s Safe Work Improvement Program, a suite of new procedures and templates for working in the rail corridor will go live on Monday 12 July 2021. This includes:

  • Pre-Work Brief and Worksite Protection Plan Procedure
  • Pre-Work Brief Template
  • Worksite Protection Plan Template
  • Worksite Log and Diary


The new procedure and templates will improve role clarity between Site Supervisors and Protection Officers, Track Force Protection Coordinators and Track Workers.


The new procedure and templates can be accessed on ARTC’s Contractor Compliance System webpage.


ARTC is working with stakeholders to implement the new documentation, which will improve the way worksites are managed and help deliver a safer working environment for all teams when working within the rail corridor.


If you have any queries about the new procedure and templates, please email ARTC at