Newsletter 1

Employer Administrator Update #1

The Rail Industry Worker Program (RIW) provides a national competency framework for rail workers across Australia. The program is owned by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and powered by new service provider Metro Trains Australia (MTA).


Welcome to the first in a series of updates for employers and administrators participating in the RIW Program. The new RIW system went live on 28 June 2019. All work carried out on participating rail networks will now be managed through the new RIW system and cards. Note that DPTI (SA) will accept both new and old cards until 31 July 2019, while the NSW Transport Cluster will be transitioning at a later time. All other operators are using the new RIW system and cards to manage competencies and job roles on their railway networks.


You’ll find a wealth of information and guidelines at the RIW website at, including key information for RIW employers and RIW cardholders. These lists will help employers, administrators and cardholders in using the new system during transition. The web site also contains specific network operator workarounds  for situations involving missing or invalid job roles. MTA is working with both ARA and the previous service provider to improve the quality of data in the system. 


Having trouble paying your annual company subscription fee due to not having an appropriate credit card limit? PayPal allows businesses to link their banking accounts direct to the PayPal platform. We have created a Quick Guide which shows you exactly how to do this. Just remember that annual company subscription fees are due by 31 July 2019. If your company does not pay their annual subscription fee by this date, then all access to the RIW system will be removed and employees will be disassociated from the company.

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