How to obtain a new RIW card (physical and virtual)

RIW cards must be ordered by a Primary Employer, whether that is a company you are employed by, or by yourself if you operate as a sole trader in the RIW system. Employers can request both a physical card (which can be sent to either a business or home address) and a virtual card (which can be sent to a personal email or mobile phone number). To order a card, follow the procedure outlined in the Quick Guide – How to order RIW cards.

If you are new to rail, then your new employer will set you up in the RIW system. You will be emailed a link to set up your myRIW account, so that you can approve the employment request. You’ll also need to complete an ID check. Once the ID check is approved (and your subscription is paid by your employer), the employer can then request your new physical and/or virtual RIW card.

How to end primary employment with a company

In the new RIW system, a Primary Employer is the cardholders direct employer, with full edit rights to the cardholders profile.  If you have the wrong Primary Employer listed against your profile, there are two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Contact the previous Primary Employer and request they end your employment in the RIW system, or
  2. Submit an “Ending Primary Employment” Service Request. Please ensure you include all the relevant details in your request.

Note that in both cases, once employment is ceased with a particular company, the change will not take effect until midnight. You can then approach the new Primary Employer and seek ‘employment’ in the RIW system. At this point, you will receive an email asking you to accept an employment request in myRIW.  See the next point for details.

Managing your profile in myRIW

myRIW allows a Rail Industry Worker to view their profile on the web.  In myRIW you can see your employers, associations, job roles, competencies and medical results. You can also update your email address, mobile or password. If desired, you can ask your employer to make any corrections to your profile.

If you are a newly created cardholder in the RIW system, you will receive an email invitation to create a myRIW profile to accept an employment request. If you already had a profile in the old RIW system, you will not receive an email invitation and must create your new myRIW profile. A short video has been developed to show you how to use myRIW. We have also developed a Quick Guide – myRIW which walks you through the functionality of the system.

To set up myRIW, you will need to have a personal email address.  If you require assistance to do this, refer to the Quick Guide – How to set up an email address for myRIW.

You can access the myRIW login via the portal at

If you forget your password, please use the Forgotten Password link on the log in screen.