Data Migration

UPDATE 15 August 2019

MTA can report that additional data into the new RIW system has reduced the volume of missing workers, job roles, competencies and medical certificates in the system. However, data migration is still not complete due to data residing in sites and realms other than the RIW realm within Pegasus’ Onsite system.

For organisations who have made arrangements with Pegasus, including Broadspectrum, John Holland Group, Lendlease and Transport for NSW, your data will be available in the new system in the coming weeks.

If your company had a non-RIW realm or site, the data can be requested from Pegasus directly and a separate migration arranged. If you require further information about this, please contact [email protected] and a member of the MTA Team will be in contact.

Accessing the RIW system, logins and passwords

The RIW system can be accessed by clicking the login button on the top right hand of the screen, or alternatively going here.

If you have not yet received a login, it’s possible that the wrong email address was recorded in the previous system. Contact the 24/7 Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or [email protected] to obtain access.

If you’ve forgotten your password (or haven’t activated in 24 hours of when it was sent), it’s quite easy to reset it yourself. Use the Forgotten Password link on the RIW login page and just follow the prompts.

Missing workers?

If your company has a missing worker who needs to demonstrate competency within the next few weeks, please follow the steps below.

STEP 1 – Create the missing worker in the new RIW system including uploading the worker ID photo by following the instructions in the Quick Guide – New Worker Creation to step 11 (do not request an ID check). IMPORTANT! Please check for duplicates to ensure the worker is in fact missing from the system.

STEP 2 – Email the RIW Service Desk at [email protected] with the subject: Missing Worker Creation – WORKER NAME (RIW number). In your email you must include:
. Proof that the worker had an active profile in the previous system, such as a receipt for their most recent subscription.
. An identification document for the worker, such as a drivers licence or passport.
. The address where you would like the new physical RIW card to be sent.
. Whether you would like a virtual RIW card issued to the worker.

STEP 3 – Once the profile has been approved, the RIW Service Desk will email you notification that you can commence adding job roles and competencies for the missing worker.

NOTE: If you have a missing profile, but are currently an inactive worker in the Pegasus system, you will need to re-register as a new worker (i.e. pay for a new worker subscription and ID check).

How to order physical and virtual cards

Employers can order physical and virtual cards using the RIW system. Check out the Quick Guide – How to order RIW cards.

Primary/Secondary Employers & Associations

A worker can have one Primary Employer and up to two Secondary Employers. The primary employer is the worker’s direct employer (the primary employer has full edit rights to the worker’s profile). The secondary employer supports transient workers who may work for other employers (the secondary employer has read-only access to the worker’s profile).

Meanwhile, associated companies have advance visibility of a worker before they arrive on site. This is typically used to ensure a worker is compliant with the employer’s work requirements ahead of time.  The Contractor in Charge of a project has automatic linkage to a worker’s profile once the worker is swiped onto a site under that project. The Contractor in Charge has read-only visibility of the worker’s profile (note that this visibility extends all the way up to the Network Operator).

If you need more information, check out the dedicated Primary & Secondary Employer FAQs.

Adding or ending employment with a worker

When you add a new worker to your company, there are two methods which can be used, dependent on whether the worker is new to rail, or an existing RIW cardholder. Refer to the Quick Guide – New worker creation, or the video on how to add a new worker for instructions on both.

To end employment with a worker, refer to the Quick Guide – How to end employment with a worker.

ID checks and photo specifications

When creating a new worker, it is important that the photo uploaded into the RIW system meets specifications outlined in the Quick Guide – RIW Photo Requirements.

When it comes to undertaking an ID check for a worker, it is imperative that the personal details entered into the RIW system match the ID the worker will use to prove their identity. For example, if the worker has a middle name on their drivers licence, passport or birth certificate, this must be included on their RIW profile.

Adding job roles and competencies to a workers profile

You can add job roles and competencies to one or multiple workers. The quick guides will walk you through how to add a job role or competency to a single worker (refer to Quick Guide – Adding a new competency to a worker’s profile and Quick Guide – Adding a new job role to a worker’s profile). Or check out the videos to find out how to add a job role or competency to multiple workers.

Annual Company Subscription

Annual company subscription fees are due by 31 July 2019. Refer to the Quick Guide – How to pay the company annual subscription fee, and also the Quick Guide – Setting up PayPal for electronic funds transfer. If your company does not pay their annual subscription fee by this date, then all access to the RIW system will be removed and employees will be disassociated from the company.

Permission Access Agreement (PAA)

Before 28 September 2019, all Rail Industry Workers must create a myRIW profile and accept the Permission Access Agreement (PAA). The PAA is a worker’s acceptance about how RIW may collect and use their personal information to administer the RIW Program. If a worker does not indicate their agreement by 28 September 2019, their account in the RIW system may be suspended.

Please encourage your workers to create their myRIW profile and accept the PAA. A short video has been developed to show workers how to use myRIW, as well as a printable Quick Guide – myRIW which walks through them through the functionality of the system.

To set up myRIW, workers will need to have a personal email address. Please direct them to the Quick Guide – How to set up an email address for myRIW.

myRIW can be accessed from the login button in the top right of the screen, or at