Employer Administrator Alert – Update to RIW system payment issue (PayPal)

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) system is currently experiencing an issue which may cause users to be logged out of the RIW system after performing a PayPal transaction.

Users of the RIW system may experience an issue during PayPal payment processing, which has been caused by a recent security change implemented into most web browsers to address a newly discovered critical vulnerability.

Currently, a suitably authorised RIW user, such as an Employer Administrator, can make a PayPal payment in the RIW system (i.e. to renew a cardholder subscription). During this process the user is directed away from the RIW system to PayPal’s payment form. Once the user has completed and submitted the payment, PayPal should direct the user back to the RIW system. Depending on the web browser used, the user may be logged out of the RIW system and experience the session timeout screen below.  Please note that the PayPal transaction should still be processed, even though the following message appears:

At this point, user’s can log back into the RIW system to verify the payment has occurred by checking the Payment History tab on the RIW system dashboard.  Please allow time for this transaction to appear.

A fix is currently being prepared by our Developers who are working with suppliers that integrate with RIW to ensure the fix is compatible with these systems. Once all suppliers confirm the fix is compatible, it will receive final testing and then applied to the RIW system.

Although we do not have a set date for the fix, the issue is being treated with the highest priority and will be applied as soon as all suppliers confirm it will not cause issues with their systems.

If you have any further queries, please contact the RIW Service Desk at