Newsletter 21

Employer Administrator Update #21

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program is committed to continuously improving the RIW system and associated apps. A new system release on 15 January 2020 delivered a range of improvements, including an exciting new feature, the RIW Web Card Reader…

The Web Card Reader allows an Access Controller to login and swipe RIW cardholders and visitor passes, select and award competencies (including pending competencies) and perform spot checks using a web-based reader/browser. The Web Card Reader can be used from a laptop/PC, or from any internet-enabled smart device where an RIW App is not installed or unable to be used.

The QR code on RIW cards and visitor passes can be read using a web cam or QR gun (QR gun support is limited to compatible devices, including Windows PCs and Mac OS). Forgotten Card functionality is also available to swipe workers in and out. NOTE: Near Field Communication (NFC) is not supported to read RIW cards when using the Web Card Reader.

The Web Card Reader automatically adjusts to fit small (mobile phone) and large (PC and tablet) screen sizes. The resizing makes best use of available screen resolution by moving buttons, pop-up menus, displaying tabs and adjusting screen content.

The Web Card Reader runs in a browser, and can be accessed via a link from the main RIW portal at

For more information about this new feature, please refer to the Quick Guide – Web Card Reader available on the RIW website.


It is important that Access Controllers or Spot Checkers who use the RIW App update to the newest available version. If the smart device has not been set to automatically download updates, then the most recent version can be accessed from:

•    RIW App (version 1.1.0) for Apple devices available at iTunes Apple Store

•    RIW App (version 1.1) for Android devices (NFC) at Google Play Store

•    RIW App (version 1.1) for Android devices (QR) at Google Play Store


Please join the RIW Team for an overview of the RIW System Release, including the new user permissions.  We’ll walk through some of the new features and fixes, and will be available to answer any questions at the end of each session. The sessions will be hosted online through Zoom.  To register your interest, please click on your preferred session below and meeting instructions will be sent to you.

General Information Sessions + Q&A