System Access Rules

System Access Rules

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) System is operated by Metro Trains Australia Pty Ltd (MTA).  Your access to the RIW System is subject to the following system access rules:

  • You must keep your access credentials (including your account ID and password) secret and not share those credentials with any other person.
  • You must only access and use information on the RIW System for properly authorised purposes as part of the RIW Program.  For rail operators and other organisations that are authorised participants in the RIW Program, this includes using information accessed on the RIW System for safety, workforce and work site planning, procuring resources, training, and reporting purposes.  For authorised health practitioners, this includes using information accessed on the RIW System for conducting health and fitness for work assessments.
  • You must keep all information you access on the RIW System strictly confidential and must not use that information for any purpose other than as set out above.
  • You must take reasonable steps to ensure that any information you enter onto the RIW System is accurate, up-to-date, complete and relevant and is not excessive or misleading.
  • You must promptly notify MTA on becoming aware of any error in the RIW System or any breach of these system access rules.
  • You must comply with any additional instruction or direction given by MTA in relation to your access to or use of the RIW System.

Information contributed to the RIW System will be managed in accordance with MTA’s Privacy Policy for the RIW Program (a copy of which is available at ).

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