Recording RIW Cardholder COVID-19 Vaccination Status to Support NSW and Victorian Worksites

Message for Premium Functionality Employer Administrators



The RIW System is working with Premium Employers to protect their workforce during COVID-19.  As an interim solution, the RIW System can now record COVID-19 vaccination and testing status to support worksite access in NSW and Victoria. 


Premium Employers who utilise this functionality will be responsible for verification of the declaration, and ensuring compliance to NSW and Victoria state health directives where applicable and all existing RIW policies and procedures.

What support are we providing?


The RIW System will support RIW participants in NSW and Victoria worksites with existing functionality to view and validate a RIW cardholder’s COVID-19 vaccination status. The system will allow employers to record COVID-19 vaccination status on the RIW workers profile, through an upload of a verified COVID-19 declaration form, held as an employer based competency.


IMPORTANT: Only the COVID-19 declaration form is to be uploaded as evidence against the employer based competency in the RIW System. This is to ensure compliance with the existing RIW Program Privacy Policy and RIW Permission Access Agreement.


The following COVID-19 Declaration Forms are to be used for recording COVID-19 status in the RIW system:

Please note any COVID-19 vaccination and testing related employer based competencies created prior to this guideline (24/9/2021) will be required to be removed from the RIW system to ensure compliance with privacy requirements. Effected companies will be instructed on how to remove any previously created employer based competencies relating to COVID-19 status.  



How should the COVID-19 competency be implemented?


Premium Employer will be required to create new employer based competencies, within the RIW System for recording COVID-19 status.


For example in Victoria, John Holland will use:

  • JH – COVID19 – 1st Vaccination
  • JH – COVID19 – 2nd Vaccination
  • JH – COVID19 – Medical Exempt

RIW Cardholders will be required to complete the declaration form for either NSW or Victoria, depending on the worksite’s state location and provide evidence of vaccination or testing for sighting by the Premium Employer worksite representatives. The worksite representative will then verify the documentation supplied and ONLY the declaration form will be uploaded into the RIW system as evidence.


Please note: This interim process only relates to Victoria and NSW rail worksites that have elected to use the RIW System, to record COVID-19 vaccination or testing status for RIW Cardholders.


For more information please refer to the following Knowledge Centre Articles: