What are the relationships between the worker, employer and the RIW System?

The following relationships exist in the RIW System:

Primary Employer: The primary employer is the worker’s direct employer, with full edit rights to the worker’s profile.

Secondary Employer: The secondary employer supports transient workers who may work for other employers. The secondary employer has read-only access to the worker’s profile. A worker can have one Primary Employer and up to two Secondary Employers.

Associated Company: Associated companies have advance visibility of a worker before they arrive on Site. This is typically used to ensure a worker is compliant with the employer’s work requirements ahead of time.

Automatic association to a worker’s profile upon swipe in: The Contractor in Charge of a Project has automatic linkage to a worker’s profile once the worker is swiped onto a Site under that Project. The Contractor in Charge has read-only visibility of the worker’s profile. Note that this visibility extends all the way up to the Network Operator.