How long will it typically take to scan a card?

Typically no more than 2-3 seconds.

It may take a couple of minutes when scanning on site for the first time, but after that it will only take a few seconds. When you open the RIW app for the first time, it will take a few moments to synchronise the site data.

For guided videos, step by step tutorials and information explaining how to spot check and how to use other features which require ‘swiping’ on/off cards please click here

How will cards be checked in remote areas with limited internet access?

Training and help on how to do this will be provided.

If the card checker has an Android device, the smartcard can be accessed using technology called Near Field Communications (NFC). This reads the chip that is embedded in the smart card. The card checker does not need to be connected to the mobile network for this function to work in the field.

If the card checker has an Apple device – and the smartcard QR code has been scanned in an area that is connected to the mobile network – the information remains available in the memory cache of the phone. The RIW App displays the record that was last checked with the live database, but will automatically update records once the phone synchronises back to the server in an area with connectivity.