What are some key features and benefits in the new system?

RIW Participants will see changes to both the RIW services and system tools during transition.

  • Service Transition enables;
  • Service Desk available 24x7x365 to assist all RIW Participants
  • Workplace efficiencies from 28 June 2019
  • Stronger focus on data protection, for example privacy and security
  • Less time off tools and less paperwork
  • Evidence verification can be completed by the assessing body

System Tool Transition enables;

  • Virtual smartcard capability on your mobile
  • MyRIW to log in and see some information about yourself or approve a request to associate from a new employer
  • Online ID checks with a target of 70% to be completed within 24hours
  • A targeted (user permission based) screen features
  • New website and website features
  • A light reliance on hardware (as cards can be read directly from a smartphone)
  • Operators to send notifications to project sites
  • Generating toolbox talks and inductions
  • Attendance recorded for Card Holders
  • Evidence can be uploaded directly by;
    • Participating Registered Training Organisations (RTO); and
    • Registered Authorised Health Professionals (AHP)
  • No ‘pre-association’ required; simply associate by scanning your card
  • A ‘new to industry’ flag for new rail workers
  • Have up to three employers per worker
  • Attach evidence (e.g. a certificate of course attendance) to multiple Card Holders at the same time