What does competency mean?

Competence (or competency) is the ability to demonstrate knowledge or the application of a task successfully and consistently. In the Rail Industry, the term competence refers to a number of requirements including qualification, accreditation, validation and re-validation authorisation, currency, and certification.

There are some competencies such as safeworking competencies that expire within a nominated time frame, this means that a worker would need to be re-assessed to remain competent.

A qualification or unit of competency issued under the Standards for RTOs can also be considered a competency. For the purposes of the Rail Industry Worker program and the safety critical nature of the roles performed, although most qualifications/units do not expire, workers may be required to prove they have maintained the appropriate level of competency against certain units. A revalidation date will be shown in the RIW system for this purpose.

Note: This does not mean the AQTF qualification is no longer recognised, it simply means that it is not valid for this worker in the context of the rules relating to the competency. For more information please visit the RIW Business Rules page.