What fees are paid by organisations?

Annual Company Subscription Fee

For organisations with RIW cardholders, there is a simple six-tier structure for calculating the annual company subscription fee. The fee is based on the number of primary RIW cardholders working for that company when Metro Trains Australia received migrated worker data from Pegasus on 20 May 2019. The fee covers multiple project sites run by an organisation for one annual fixed cost, which means that organisations pay once, rather than paying for each project site. The annual company subscription fee will be reviewed periodically.

The amount payable covers multiple features including:

  • All software features and functions including the main user interface, smartphone apps, 24 hour, 365 days a week Service Desk and Rail Industry Worker self-checking capability (myRIW)
  • Reporting configuration/design/creation
  • Additional new sites and zones for projects led by your organisation
  • Immediate worksite access following ID verification of new RIW Participants via e-Card
  • Direct uploading of competence evidence by participating training organisations and health professionals

Primary vs Secondary Employers

In the new RIW System, a cardholder can be associated with more than one employer. We are referring to their main/most common employer as a ‘primary employer’, while the other associated employers are classified as ‘secondary employers’. Each RIW cardholder can have 1 primary employer and up to 2 secondary employers. This will be helpful for joint venture projects, as well as cardholders who move between employers frequently.

The annual company subscription fee is calculated on the number of cardholders associated to an organisation, where the company is the ‘primary employer’ for the cardholder. This means that if a cardholder has more than one employer, the cardholder is only counted once when it comes to paying fees.