When will a National or Network role or competency suspension be placed?

National and Network suspensions can be placed for any of the following reasons:

• Any incident that results in the Rail Industry Worker demonstrating reckless act or legislative breach or organisational breach;

• The Rail Industry Worker is the subject of any action resulting from drug & alcohol testing;

• Safe working breach;

• Wherever a time-based remedial action is considered such as a training/mentoring program to upskill the Rail Industry Worker;

• Competence and/or performance has – or may have – the potential to impact safety or is called into question;

• The Rail Industry Worker is unable to meet competency requirements or re-certification is not granted;

• Advice has been received that the Rail Industry Worker no longer meets the requirements of national health standards;

• The Rail Industry Worker has contravened a Fatigue Management Program;

• Other valid reason as determined by the Network Operator