What is the Permission Access Agreement (PAA)?

The PAA serves a number of purposes, including informing rail industry workers and other system users entering and accessing personal information into the system about:

  • the purposes of the RIW Program and why information is collected;
  • the types of information collected for the RIW Program;
  • the way personal information is stored, used, managed and deleted;
  • who may access the information and the circumstances they can do that under

The PAA provides assurance to RIW workers that their personal information is used, stored, handled and disclosed for the RIW Program in a controlled manner. Acceptance of the terms of the PAA ensures:

  • that users enter complete, accurate and up to date information into the system;
  • compliance with MTA’s Privacy Policy (which is accessible via the PAA) and other applicable employer policies;
  • responsible use of RIW cards

Metro Trains Australia (MTA), as the provider of RIW program services, is obligated to comply with all applicable laws, including data privacy and security requirements. All RIW participants must provide consent for MTA to store their data – this consent must be given by the worker in order to hold their RIW card. If a worker does not accept the terms of the PAA , they will not be able to access or use the RIW system.