What is the system capability for handling high influxes of users?

The RIW Program services can broadly be broken into two components; the RIW System (accessed from smart phones, tablets and web browsers), and the peripheral services (i.e. the Service Desk).

The RIW system and associated services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All data and backups are kept in Australia and are located on servers designed to house private information for high volume large databases in a secure way.

Service disruptions are heavily mitigated through monitoring, availability management and capacity planning. The system design largely prevents these types of events from occurring. The system is designed to cope with tens of thousands of users logged on at the same time, all performing different tasks such as simple updates, running reports, starting their shift or uploading evidence. In the rare instance where a disruption occurs, the system is designed to recover very fast.