When will an Employer based role and competence suspension be placed?

Employer based suspensions can be placed for any of the following reasons:

• Overstaying fatigue limits

• Safe working breach

• Rail Industry Worker is carrying out any work in an unsafe or unsatisfactory manner

• Infringement of any safety rule or regulation

• A person is performing work for which he/she is not suitably qualified

• A person is guilty of misconduct

• A person has a non-negative alcohol or drug result

• It is considered that the person is unsuitable to work in the vicinity of railway tracks or any of the equipment associated therewith, including not holding the necessary certification or licences required

• Other valid reason as determined by the owner of the employer role/competency

Note: If a Rail Industry Worker is involved in a serious safety breach (including drug and alcohol) or the employer believes that the Rail Industry Worker should be blocked for other reasons, the Contractor in Charge or the employer should notify the relevant Network Operator to request that a block be placed on the Rail Industry Worker. The Network Operator will then determine whether a block is required.