Metro Trains Melbourne Approved Safeworking Training Provider




The objective of the bulletin is to inform and confirm the Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) approved safeworking training providers to enable rail safety workers to work on MTM Metropolitan Rail Network.



Section 117 of the Rail Safety National Law (RSNL) requires rail transport operators to ensure that each rail safety worker who is carry out rail safety work in relation to railway operations in respect of which the operator is required to be accredited has the competence to carry out the work.


This means all workers including direct employees of MTM as well as contractors and third party suppliers that enter the MTM Metropolitan Rail Network must have completed the safety training and achieved the required competencies.


Initial Certification

It is MTM’s responsibility that all people entering the MTM Metropolitan Rail Network are trained to meet MTM’s safety requirements. Therefore, only selected organisations are recognised to deliver the training to enable rail safety workers to work on the MTM Metropolitan Rail Network.


Effective 26 July 2021, MTM recognises the following organisations to deliver selected training courses listed below:




MTM also recognises competencies through John Holland for TTSA and TVO1.


Recertification (renewal) Training
As an accredited Rail Transport Operator (ARTO), MTM must ensure the ongoing competence of rail safety workers. This is achieved through the delivery of recertification training.

All recertification (renewal) training must be undertaken through Metro Academy.



Questions relating to this bulletin can be directed to metroacademy@metrotrains.com.au