Soft Launch of RIW System

Soft Launch of RIW System

About Soft Launch

The RIW Program is transitioning to new service provider Metro Trains Australia on 28 June 2019. New RIW smartcards will be issued and a new RIW system will be launched.

During the ‘soft launch’ of the new system in the weeks before go-live, the rail industry will have a great opportunity to become familiar with user functionality and perform key tasks in the system.

The soft launch will be delivered through a staggered rollout to network operators, tier one companies and industry employers. This staggered approach will ensure the smooth delivery of bulk card orders and mitigate traffic through the RIW Service Desk, which will be ramping up during soft launch to support RIW participants on 1300 101 682.

During soft launch, network operators and industry employers should:

  • verify workforce data migrated into the new system
  • update worker details including personal email, mobile and home address
  • request physical smartcards for primary employees
  • if desired, order virtual cards for primary employees
  • check competencies and roles
  • create logins for colleagues
  • pay any licence fees

Key Dates

29 May 2019 – Soft Launch opens for a small group of pre-notified companies (the largest employers nationally), with a bulk card request facility being available to these companies only.

6 June 2019 – Soft launch opens for all other employers and network operators, enabling them to request cards for their employees on an individual basis.

28 June 2019 – Soft Launch ends at full go-live, when the new RIW system replaces the Pegasus system.