What if I work in the NSW Transport Cluster?

Transport for NSW; Sydney Trains; Sydney Metro; NSW Trains; RMS

The Rail Industry Worker program (RIW) transition to a new service provider will take place over time. On 28 June 2019 Rail Industry Workers will continue to access site via the Pegasus Rail Safety Worker system.

The transition will be phased into programs, and we will be working with employers and network operators to agree actual dates and transition times.

TfNSW has consulted with industry and stakeholders, and it is clear that the current program of capital investment into the rail network in NSW has increased the complexity of the transition from Pegasus to MTA. As a result, the Transport Cluster (TfNSW; Sydney Trains; Sydney Metro; NSW Trains; RMS) will adopt a phased implementation to the MTA system over the coming six months, beginning 28 June 2019. The Pegasus Rail Safety Worker System will remain active on all Transport Cluster sites until a full transition to the RIW system is complete with MTA. A site by site assessment will take place, facilitated by the Sydney Trains; Sydney Metro and Transport for NSW, to determine when the transition will take place.

As a rail industry worker, you only need to do these things:

• Retain your current Pegasus Rail Safety Worker card until further notice;
• Continue to access site via the Pegasus system until advised otherwise;
• Apply for the MTA RIW card
• Continue the process of registering for the MTA RIA system via your RIW Administrator

For any further information, questions or assistance: The Contractor’s Representative should contact the Principal’s Representative, who will be able to further assist regarding the specific details of the transition for you.

Note: The contractor’s representative is the person within the caller’s organisation who holds the contract(s) with the Transport Cluster Agency. It is not possible to know every person who is a contractor’s representative.